Crochet Afghan

35 Best Free Free Crochet Afghan Patterns 2019


Afghans come in different shapes, sizes and designs. There are crochet blankets (which can also be used as little lapmans) and crochet blankets big enough to cover a California King bed. There are crochet blankets that start in the middle and are worked in rounds, as well as blankets that are treated in rows and covers that consist of crocheted composite motifs. Most Afghans with a hook have a rectangular shape, but there are many round or angular motifs, and even single-shaped blankets. You can crochet your blanket in a color or in any color under the sun.

This list of free crochet Afghan models (and links to many others) contains a variety of themes and design elements. Whether you want to catch a fast, bulky jet, a thin crochet blanket, a colorful baby blanket or a solid duvet, you’ll find the model you need here.

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