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50+ Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

When I’m stuck in a rut and I do not feel that my photos are so incredible, I usually go to a beautiful new place or go out when the light is incredible to make me turn my back and be excited to the idea of ​​taking pictures. But not always. Sometimes, I need inspiration for my creativity. Can you connect?

Sometimes I think of all the frenzy of my mind, the customer who wants something yesterday, endless emails that must be answered, the bathroom that needs repairing in my studio, take control of this part of my brain flowing and waiting to take pictures. It’s almost as if these activities put a huge strain on my creative flow.

I like to watch the work of other photographers. I like to put myself in a place where I am inspired by the creative visions of others. But when I’m stuck in my photographs, watching the work of other photographers is probably the worst thing to do.

Fun enough, my favorite photographer of all time – Ernst Haas – everything is fine! He warned against seeking too much direct inspiration because:

“That leads you too quickly to rehearsals of what inspired you” and recommends instead: “sharpen your senses through the great masters of music, painting and poetry”. In short, try indirect inspirations, and everything will come from only. ”

So fill your life with beautiful, happy and interesting things. Things that sting the hair on the back of the neck.

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