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#coffinnails 50+ Coffin Nails Designs Trends Nail Art Ideas 2021

The nails of the coffin are called nails of the coffin because they look like coffins … In case it was not obvious. Long, thin and with a straight tip, they are a relatively new nail shape but have stormed the world since Kylie Jenner showed her beauties on Instagram.

A dull coat is absolutely essential if you want to be fashionable and, as you can see, it’s a simple and surprising look that only takes a few minutes.

Adding rhinestones or not, you need an opaque top coat in your nail polish collection. It’s a three minute way to revitalize any old and tired nail painting.

It is always a good day for the splendor, so it starts to shine with these neutral coffin nails with golden reflections.

Nails are the best start when trying a new nail design. Everything looks fantastic and shines on a simple and clean background.

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