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Dua Lipa’s tattoo designer Madame Buraka! (The work of the tattoo 30+)

Mrs. Buraka is a mystery in the world of tattooing. If her job was not to permanently mark a person’s skin with her distinctive tattoo style, you would never really know she was here at all. Her Instagram account, which she calls herself MADAME BURAKA (@burakatattooflash), is constantly on the move. She is her tattoo studio. Here she makes her appointments and shares her flash book (the book you link to before you choose a template). Her cult follows her as she travels the world, so she is able to book cancellations within hours.

Born in Latvia and raised in Germany, Buraka started tattooing three years ago when she was 23 years old when she studied communication design in Barcelona did not agree. Inspired by graffiti children she had met, she drew a selection of illustrations for her friend’s flash book before making the request, and decided to try it herself. , The first thing she tattooed was a palm, and from that day on, she said, she did not stop … and also her customers.

When we meet on a rainy day in Camberwell, London, Buraka has no visible tattoo, she is wrapped in a Nike jacket and her blond hair will be returned to a pony tale with golden sunglasses

The first thing you notice about Buraka is his energy. A necessity, perhaps, to follow his lifestyle globetrotter, where he has colored every one of them from New York to Italy, through London and Paris. She is also contagious, passionate and enlightening. We get together quickly between broken nails and fuckboys and know how tattooing can be cathartic. This gives me an insight into how his mind works (see below).

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  1. saad pirzada
    July 5, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    i love dua lipa

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