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How to apply eye shadow for every shape?


If you have round eyes like Katy Perry, start by applying the eyeliner from the inner corners of the eye to the outside and ending in a straight line or with a small cat’s eye. Then stand out with a clear eye shadow under the forehead bones and the inner corners of your eye. To visualize the contrast between the highlighted parts of the eye, take a medium shade of eye shadow and lightly apply it to the lid. Finally, apply a darker hue along the eye fold without overboarding too far. Mix the shadow from the outside to the center of the eye to enlarge the dimension.

The almond eyes (like those of Lupita Nyong’o) are the most symmetrical, just the effect you try to achieve with your make-up. If you have almond eyes, you should use the round eye application technique. Just imitate the shape of your own eye.

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