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Top 39 cat tattoo designs for cat lovers 2021

If you love cats as much as we do, then check these designs to find your next tattoo. Cats have always been a popular design choice when it comes to tattoo designs. Cats have generally been used as symbols since the time of Cleopatra. In fact, at this time, cats were worshiped and considered lucky. That’s why there were so many statues under the pyramids. In the days of Ancient Egypt, cats were known as “Mau” and were associated with the goddess Ba’at and Isis. They were important personalities at the time and the Egyptians considered them very important symbols. There were many occasions when cats were represented in the arts and even mummified with their owners. They were literally buried with them. In the days of the Greeks cats were associated with cunning, lust, cleanliness and cunning.

Cats are now considered as independent animals. They are often seen as a symbol of rebellion because of their personality. However, in South Korea, tattooing is prohibited unless a doctor does. Many people disagree, and as rebellious tattoo artists, they have used cat tattoos as a tattoo to protest these rules.

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