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20 Best Free Crochet Baby Booties Pattern Ideas 2021

Strawberry Baby Booties

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Method 13

Hook: H-8 5.0 mm and F-5 3.75 mm for small white flowers.
A knitting needle for sewing short lines and a French knot for the center of the flowers.

Note: This pattern is mostly processed in rounds and not straight. However, you need to work short series on the vampire or instep. The styling looks like an old fashioned bootie and lots of knit boots, but these ankle boots are seamless. It’s not the shoe-like styling that many crochet designers have seen. Although I’m a bit better at “boots”, I couldn’t hold up the ankle boots I made with “shoe” molding on my kids. I wanted to keep making ankle boots when my grandmother knitted the first ankle boots for my children.

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