Crochet Scarf

The most stylish and easy free crochet scarf patterns- 2021

It’s getting warmer, so be prepared to pack all your autumn scarves. You can never have too much. That’s why we’ve put together 30 simple and stylish crocheted scarf patterns.

These simple crochet scarf patterns match all moods and styles. Here is a gift for everyone. Or just keep it for you. With so many comfortable options, you can not go wrong!

Try a long cloth that you can wrap in or a round cloth to put on and take off. Whatever your mood and your lifestyle is, with these simple and elegant crocheted scarf patterns you will stay warm and stylish.


2 skeins Heartland yarn (Grand Canyon 101)
J hook
Tapestry needle
Pattern notes:
This scarf is made by crocheting a large rectangle and then sewing the edges together.
At the end of each row, make a front post double crochet into the chain.
Because of the nature of the stitches, the scarf will tend to bunch up and not be as wide as preferred. You can either block the scarf or add more rows for it to be wider.

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