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The Best Full Coverage Foundations 2021

The translucent or semi-translucent baseline coverage is fine for some, but for those of you who feel a little less safe when faced with little makeup, a full coverage base is what you need.

Yes, “Full Coverage Base” are words that can scare those who fight tides and grief faces, but fortunately, today’s ingenious basic formulas mean you can have something of the best of both worlds. The moisturizing and weightless formulas and the intelligent particles that disperse the light to level the tired winter complexion are ideal for the airbrush finish without your face falling down.

Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation – £ 66

If you have the opportunity to feel the thick texture of this base, almost like paste, you will understand why it resists work. But do not be fooled, it does not even seem thick, impeccable. Bonus: Thanks to the waterproof seal, hot weather and humidity are no problem.

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